Monday, February 25, 2008

Quest wrap

the Yukon Quest sled dog race is now officially over for another year. at this weekend's closing banquet, awards were awarded, speeches were spoken...and the winning lead dogs were given grade A steak. so it wasn't exactly the Academy Awards. but did Hollywood have a marriage proposal, live on stage? we did--Bill Pinkham asked his girlfriend & dog handler Jodi to marry him (looks like she accepted.) and we had some teary-eyed, surprised award-winners too...including 4-time Quest winner Lance Mackey, who was chatty and cheerful when he got his trophy for 1st place, but actually choked up when he was called back to receive the Vet's Choice Award--given to the musher who shows the best dog care. "This means more to me than winning the damn race," he said. his dogs, Handsome & Rev, made no comment, but they sure looked as if they enjoyed their steak... (the photo is from the race, during a pause at Braeburn)

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