Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Braeburn: cinnamon & huskies

Braeburn Lodge (population 3 or so, not including 3 horses and a few dogs) is only 100 miles from Whitehorse, so today i got a lift to see the top two Quest contenders head down the trail.

Braeburn Lodge is the last official checkpoint on the Quest Trail--famous for its fabulous cinnamon buns (which are enormous) & for UFO sightings (maybe cinnamon buns, flying through the air?) here's a photo of my lunch--note how the cinnamon bun dwarfs the teacup...
Lance Mackey left Braeburn not even 20 minutes ahead of Ken Anderson. the snow is soft coming towards Whitehorse and no one's sure who will win, but i'm planning to be at the Whitehorse finish line around 2 am when they finally get here. this last part of the trail follows a section of the Trans-Canada trail (the old Overland Trail through the Yukon)--that's the sign behind Mackey's head, as he talks to his lead dogs in Braeburn.

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