Saturday, February 02, 2008


i often walk past one of the strangest buildings in town...the Ontario College of Art & Design by Will Alsop. i like it...and i like it even more now that i've read this little snippet culled from the Torontoist blog... from The New Yorker, October 2007:

...the neighbors in the apartment block objected to losing their park views and the college was eager to avoid confrontation. Alsop met with the neighbors and someone suggested lifting the addition into the air to allow views under it. “I don’t want to sound like some Communist here, but ordinary people do have some good ideas,” he told me recently. “Architects left on their own can’t break away from their preconceived notions.”
here it is as i usually walk past, with the CN Tower in the background (though the photo is a little grey--blame yesterday's weather)

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