Wednesday, February 06, 2008

pub democracy

because i live with an American, and because somehow i've ended up knowing a whole slew of Americans who have escaped to Canada, i found myself at the Democrats Abroad event last night at Toronto’s Elephant & Castle pub. no one could explain why the Dems found themselves at an elephant-logo pub instead of one with a donkey logo...but there we all were. during the day,a voting booth was set up so that Americans living here could vote in the primary—in the old-fashioned pencil & paper way. no fear of electronic vote tampering...
there was beer, and there were a lot of televisions. so once we got the sound turned up, we had constant confusing coverage of how the primaries were going, with predictions, frenzied analysis, and harrassed journalists trying to get the channel changed from CNN. just before we left, this guy made an appearance: the rather dark photo is Toronto Mayor David Miller talking to the chair of Toronto's Democrats Abroad. i hadn't realized he's a dual citizen...but i should have known the Mayor was a closet American: he's a thousand times friendlier than the Canadian politicians i’ve met.

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