Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bad Year in Rehearsal

A BAD YEAR FOR JOURNALISTS as a play is really happening! Rehearsals are underway, with two fabulous actors Emily Pearlman & Tyler Seguin, direction by Bremner Duthie, and video & sound design by Craig Desson and my brother, Kit Pasold. Come see what we've been up to on Dec 20th & 21st at the Alchemy Theatre (133 Tecumseth, just west of Queen & Bathurst in Toronto; show starts at 8pm)

Here is some more info, taken from the press release:
With the assistance of the Toronto Arts Council and the Canada Council, Pasold's text hits the stage in a new multimedia creation. Developed by Toronto's newest little theatre companies: Skinny Legs Collective and Big Empty Barn--dedicated to invention, innovation and stealing the media's technology for our own audience. "There are two satisfactions: of looking without flinching, or else the satisfaction of flinching." How do we struggle with issues of place and truth in lands where both have been long since erased? Radio clips, ad jingles, newspaper reports, distorted snippets of pop songs and uploaded video from the web assist in a front-line confrontation with the "Disaster of the Day. Through a dynamic combination of sound and visuals A Bad Year for Journalists explores the catastrophe of going abroad with the best of intentions and a camera.
For more details, contact "big empty barn" (all one word) "at" gmail