Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yukon Quest

this Saturday, Yukon Quest dogsled mushers leave Whitehorse for their1000-mile race to Fairbanks, Alaska. it's a 2-week race, open to both men and women, that comes right through Dawson.

lots of discussion here about the Jamaican musher, Devon Anderson, who's being sponsored by Yukon Tourism...people aren't too optimistic about his chances (this being his first visit to the north) but supporters remember the Jamaican Bobsled Team from the 1988 Winter Olympics, so ya never know. on the Quest site, Anderson isn't officially listed as a racer, so i'm not sure if he's planning to get to Dawson City.

however, i'm hoping to see defending champion Lance Mackey (he's a cancer survivor, like another popular American athlete named Lance...is it mere coincidence that the Tour de France is the only other international sport i've actually watched live?) this file photo shows Mackey's super-light racing sleds and travel-hutches for his "Comeback Kennel" huskies. during the Quest, i'll try to get a photo of the huskies inside their hutches, with their heads sticking out. it's quite a sight.

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