Sunday, February 25, 2007


gorgeous day, walking on the river thinking about the way sound changes when the temperature gets low. the scrunching styrofoam noise of walking on really cold snow & how sound travels much more quickly & clearly in the freezing air. but once i get out of my snowsuit, i'll join the gazillion other north americans watching the oscars. i have to admit, i've hit a new low: i have seen only one of the contending movies, and that was by fluke. i am hoping al gore's An Inconvenient Truth wins something. curiously, along with best documentary, it's up for best music...versus Al Gore going to go to the Oscars? what will he wear? after all, so much of the oscars isn't about excellence in film-making but rather about fashion & the cult of celebrity. maybe i can pick up some hairdo ideas for my reading at the Dawson City public library on tuesday...

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