Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mineral glacier

couldn't resist checking out the glacier today...fed by an underground mineral spring, the ice sheet has been growing visibly in the month since i first saw it. but it's surprisingly difficult to get a good photograph of it...partly because it's really slippery, being sheer ice, so most positions don't give me enough stability to take off my mittens, dig the camera out of my pocket, and shoot before the battery or my fingers freeze.

it looks like muddy water in the photo, but it's frozen solid...and moves very very slowly when nobody's looking. further down the hill, below this overwhelmed little bridge, there's a car that was parked for the winter, which is now completely surrounded by the glacier.

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always with the fullness of my heart, Maxi said...

Maxi would lose a nipple if she were situated in the tundra you and your strapping husband have deposited yourselves into...remember...
petroleum/vaseline is the best moisturizer in the coldest weather...

with the fullness of my lithe heart-