Sunday, February 11, 2007

THE MITTEN REGISTRY...doesn't it sound Canadian by definition? i thought of The National Post's mitten registry yesterday, when i nearly lost one of my mittens (it's cold enough here that i noticed in time to save the mitten...but while in Toronto i managed to lose three the mitten registry makes sense.)

it was started by the paper three years ago, and if you participate by sending in a mystery mitten that you find on the street, you get a tote bag and a free pair of gloves. here are their rules:

- Does the found mitt look too gross to touch? Has it been repeatedly run over? Is it submerged in slush? Leave it be!
- Is it propped up on a fence post? Again, leave it be! While we'd like everyone to participate in the National Mitten Registry, the greater goal is recovery.
- While we sympathize with the plight of lost earrings, socks, keys, laptops, umbrellas and pets, they are more than we can handle here at the Mitten Registry offices. Handwear only, please!
- An online gallery of all registered mitts will be maintained at
- Please direct mittens with your coordinates and the mitten's coordinates to National Mitten Registry c/o Benjamin Errett, 300-1450 Don Mills Rd., Toronto, Ont., M3B 3R5.

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