Wednesday, January 10, 2007


it’s -40.

useful fact for such weather: wolverine fur doesn’t freeze the way everything else does, when you wear it around your face. Wool and nylon and any other fabric you might come up with get covered in ice crystals from your breath. Don’t ask me why wolverine fur doesn’t do this, maybe because wolverines look quite fuzzy but have a particularly mean personality...far nastier than a wolf, apparently, even though a wolverine is more like a weasel (it's actually a trickster character in some stories: a mean, wily trickster.) Not that I’m meeting any wolverines; I’m too busy staying inside, finishing the Yukon salmon Sz gave me the other night. Last night, I had caribou made into Swedish meatballs (!) courtesy of Sz, who said it was Mr. C’s caribou. Sz obviously worries that I’m going to starve out here, far from the cafés of Paris.

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