Saturday, January 13, 2007

Art and snow

Brem has arrived! Bringing the muppet-dog Barclay…so the Berton house is much more lively than before. There are books and music all over the place as Brem unpacks.
Within an hour of outfitting the beast in a little boots and a classy borrowed dog-coat, Barclay had lost of one her boots in deep snow—dogs were probably not meant to wear clothes, and who can blame them. But walking last night was spectacular: it was snowing but the sky was clear over the hill just behind town, so we could see the stars, while snow sparkled diamond-like in the air and over every surface. There is a huge husky mutt nearby whose enthusiasm gave us an excuse to visit C’s beautiful log house, meet her very tough cats Lynx and Raven, and admire her wonderful art collection. More details to come...

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