Friday, January 12, 2007


carrying the groceries home (celery wrapped in layers of newspaper so it doesn’t freeze) makes me think about the provisions that used to be needed for a winter in the Klondike. There was a mandatory list of supplies for the prospectors, dancehall dames and everyone else coming over the Chilkoot Pass:
200 lbs bacon, 800 lbs flour, 200 lbs corn meal, 150 lbs beans, 75 lbs sugar, 150 lbs dried fruits, 50 lbs rice, 75 lbs coffee and 1 case of condensed milk.
I noticed at the Fur Show that everyone was taking condensed milk in their coffee, so I guess a taste for tinned milk still lingers over here. Given the prospectors' list, I'd ditch the coffee entirely & pack cocoa powder...

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Kenneth Grey said...

Condensed milk is really big in Herring Neck, NFLD too. If the locals can get it, they will take it over milk or regular cream every time. Cultural thing I think, throwback to when you had to lay in stores for the winter.

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