Friday, January 19, 2007

Kid Koala

went to the most "all-ages" gig I've ever seen last night...ages 4 though 60+something, all to see Kid Koala, the scratch dj from Montreal. every single one of these people had apparently already heard of Kid Koala, except me. my only criticism of the show is that it was very short...mind you, with all the kids doing cartwheels in front of the turntables, maybe short 'n sweet was the best way to go. in with the usual scratch stuff, Kid Koala (whose off-stage name is Eric San) included a fabulous tribute to Louis Armstrong, Drunk Trumpet, and did some pretty cool things with Blue River...he's known for including thrift store vinyl and odd-ball movie soundtracks (last night's set including Jessica Rabbit) in with the classic beats. so now i'm educated and I can say "Kid Koala's a classy turntablist" (which is a new word that I really love).

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