Saturday, April 25, 2009

tonight in Dawson City

the amazing, the astonishing, the first...One-Minute Film Festival, created by Scott Amos...being held tonight, for one night only, at KIAC Artist-in-Residence building, the Macaulay House Residence. i wish i could be there...since i have a 1-minute film being screened at the event, with music created by Rozalind MacPhail.

participating filmmakers include Elisabeth Belliveau, Terry Haines, Deco Dawson, Scott Amos, Dan Sokolowski, David H. Fraser, Rachel Wiegers, Jessie Currell, Rozalind MacPhail, Karen MacKay, Jen LaLiberté, The KIAC Staff, Lulu Keating, Veronica Verkley and Charles Stankievech. and me, in what i suppose is my filmmaking debut. !

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Scott Amos said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for taking part. The screening was amazing! I think we ended up with 25 films...I'm very proud of the Dawsonites. Wish you could've been here, your film was great! I'll send you a web copy of it later today.