Monday, April 06, 2009

Tiki vs Slush

it's raining slush in Toronto today. so i decided to share some Tiki wonderfulness, to fight against the questionable spring weather.

this is the old Montreal Kon-Tiki restaurant at the Sheraton Hotel. i blame my parents for starting my Tiki obsession by taking me here at a young & impressionable age. Tiki sculptures, dry-ice volcano drinks, poo-poo platters...the works! tragically, this Kon-Tiki is no more...i wish i knew what happened to those Easter-Island type sculptures guarding the entrance.

i love Tiki. i've worked a few Tiki references into my novel (scenes set in the early Flamingo Casino.) there used to be a Trader Vic's in Vancouver within walking distance from my apartment...i was heartbroken when it closed (the only consolation is that some fellow-Tiki lover bought the pseudo-Polynesian building & had it towed out to Vancouver Island. long may its kick-ass gardenia-garnished drinks linger in memory.)

fortunately, i still know of one fantastic place to get a Mai Tai...unfortunately for me, it's in Sarasota, Florida. but if you're in the neighborhood, hit the Bahi Hut on Tamiami Trail. doesn't look like much from the outside...but the interior is all grass-roof 1954 Tiki authenticity. if there is such a thing. just plan on walking home.

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