Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cattle Call

just before the outdoor screening, i ran into calligrapher Owen Williams, who recently finished a gallery performance in Whitehorse, where he drew 10,000 variations on the letter S.

i'm looking forward to checking back with Owen, to talk about Matthew Randin & Mike Maryniuk's film, Cattle Call--a wild animation inspired by an auctioneer at the Winnipeg stockyards, which include all kinds of text fonts & numbers. i had a chance to preview the film at Deco Dawson's afternoon talk. it's so fast-moving that a couple of viewings are i had a chance to see it again at the late night Friday screening. so far, it's one of my favourites of the festival.

below...getting the outdoor screening underway, in the window of the ODD gallery. even at 10pm, it's very bright outside...though by the last film of the outdoor series, night was definitely coming on.

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