Sunday, March 11, 2007

medicine woman

last night, in honour of International Women's Day, the women's shelter in Dawson hosted a great soiree of readings & music. i was lucky to meet Danielle, who talked about the past six months she has spent travelling around the world, meeting different healers and shamen in South America, Ireland, Canada, West Africa and Asia. she's hosting a 13-part television series called "Medicine Woman". the title is problematic (as soon as you google it, what you get is pages & pages about Jane Seymour!) but the series is going to be fascinating. Danielle is Native,and is a young doctor here in Dawson-- she grew up in Winnipeg but her father's roots are in the Dawson area-- and she said that during her medical studies, she felt frustrated by the disconnection between much of Western medicine and the traditional arts of healing. her trip has been a revelation to her, and sounds simply amazing. the show is going to be aired on VISION & APTN sometime this summer. stay tuned...

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