Saturday, March 17, 2007


the infamous lipsynch contest was last night at Gerties, so everyone in Dawson will probably be waking up with a hangover this morning...perfect timing for St. Patrick's Day. we started the evening at The Drunken Goat, eating great Greek food and listening to Cowboy (yes, that's what people call him). the 'Nam vet talked about dogsledding, horse breaking, his brand new bankcard, and the unfortunate fact that the price for marten fur is down this spring, while Tony, owner of the Goat, smoked & reminisced about growing up on the island of Lesbos. by midnight, the lipsynch contest had been handily won by the guys in hardhats & hazmat suits, and the whole gang had moved over to the Pit to play pool & dance, because Willie is back on the fiddle. by the time we left, percussion was being played by a guy with two empty beer bottles. one of the regulars swore by his ponytail that the fights would start soon, so we headed home under a skyful of Northern Lights.

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