Wednesday, September 21, 2011

dare your next mistake

i saw this at Mark Folse's blog Toulouse Street. some days, it's nice to know Ira's on your side... i also think this 'phase' happens every time I start a new project & i always need to fight my way through it.


Elle Lemons said...

I love Ira's words and I love the visual interpretation. I have been writing and reading all my life, but never published. Living now in Paris has pushed me over the edge to try to publish, writing about my Texas roots. Go figure. Something in the Paris air pushes the creative senses. You can't not be creative!

Elle Lemons said...

I have written all my life but never published. I love Ira's comments and the visual interpretation. I live in Paris now and the creative air is irresistible, I am falling into the world of writing with abandonment. Thanks for this posting.

Lisa Pasold said...

i think the fact that Paris actively encourages the arts has a big impact on our experience here...people believe in the arts & the resulting atmosphere really does push us to create.