Thursday, October 29, 2009

creative places + spaces

i'm thrilled to have a media pass for tomorrow's Creative Places + Spaces conference. Richard Florida is the keynote but i'm especially looking forward to hearing from some of the artists involved this year--like Katerina Cizek, the documentary-maker currently Filmmaker-in-Residence at St. Michael's Hospital, and Spencer Tunick, whose well-known photographs of naked crowds around the world seem perfect for "creative spaces & places", no? there's even local poet Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, whose best work focuses on the question of sustainable cities, and our city, in particular.

'sustainable' is such a peculiar term, used for so many things, appropriate & less so, and tomorrow will probably bring some interesting discussion on that topic, even as the sessions focus on collaboration & change.

as a secret thrill for me personally, the conference takes place tomorrow in my very favourite Toronto location: the Carlu.
i am seriously considering wearing fingerless gloves as a tribute to Glenn Gould, who wouldn't have been out of place on tomorrow's speaker roster.

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