Friday, November 30, 2007

Eaton Auditorium

i was planning to see american poet Susan Howe read this afternoon at the Eaton Auditorium. so much about this auditorium intrigues me--first, it was originally designed by a Parisian, Jacques Carlu; second, its art deco interior was completely restored in 2003, including its Lalique fountain; and third, Glenn Gould made his recital debut here and recorded here (as the only person using the nearly-abandoned auditorium) all through the 1970s. The accoustics have suffered from various modernisation schemes, and I'm sure Gould would eat his gloves at the corporate events now held here...but i was really looking forward to seeing the space.

Unfortunately, what i didn't realize is that the Eaton Auditorium isn't where it used to be...the auditorium now seems to be part of a new Ryerson building. And the original Eaton Auditorium is now called "Carlu" (after the architect--fair enough). I spent a while trying to get to "Carlu"--getting into & out of elegant Art Deco elevators that wouldn't go anywhere. And then I gave up. Now I'm home again...listening to Glenn Gould's 1981 recording of the Goldberg Variations.

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