Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saint-Eustache with colour bars

the old Les Halles church of Saint-Eustache is one of my favourites--fabulous gothic-feeling Renaissance architecture, accoustics adored by composers, and the mightiest organ pipes in all of France (there are free recitals every Sunday at 17h30). But Saint-Eustache also has a great commitment to contemporary art--all kinds of artists have been invited to show work in the main church space.
So this weekend, I dropped in to check out the current installation by Kees Visser. I was dubious--Visser is known for his straight lines, and I wasn't sure how that would work in the entranceway of the church.
But the combination of Saint-Eustache's soaring architectural lines and the rows of organ pipes make a surprisingly perfect locale for Visser's metallic bars. The installation was first conceived for the Thouars Chapelle Jeanne d'Arc--the photo is from there, taken by Jean-Luc Dorchies.

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