Wednesday, September 12, 2007

back in Paris

sunshine in Paris...but the streets are empty because everyone has suddenly become obsessed with rugby. did they put something in the water?? i swear a year ago, if you asked a Parisian about rugby, he would have simply shrugged and made that "boof" noise (indicating total dismissal). and yet now, i've even heard a French sports historian on the radio discussing the possible French origins of the game. there are fleets of kilt-wearing rugby tourists wandering the city (generally congregating in the sun, outside pubs) and arty posters (in odd locations) advertising both the rugby & football "Dieux du Stade" calendars. the rugby photos feature a lot of skin & chains--according to the press blurb, the chains symbolize the players' great commitment to the game. Uh-huh. Well anyhow they were photographed by Steven Klein in the former music pavillion of the Comtesse du Barry, out in Louveciennes. I hope her ghost was wandering around during the shoot, I'm sure she'd have been highly entertained.

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