Friday, May 01, 2009

Jane's Walk

it's sunny & i'm heading out to walk around Toronto for the weekend. there are 117 different walking tours of the city, all free, all in honour of Jane Jacobs, the urban activist who spent the second half of her life in Toronto...just a few blocks from where i'm writing this.

No one can find what will work for our cities by looking at ... suburban garden cities, manipulating scale models, or inventing dream cities. You've got to get out and walk. (wrote Jane Jacobs)

Jacobs died barely 3 years ago, but her legacy of passionate, intelligent interest in how we live in our cities continues. Jane's Walk celebrates her legacy...and this year, the walks aren't only in Toronto, they're international!

tomorrow, i'm leading a walk through the streets around the Gladstone Hotel--THE IMAGINARY LIFE OF BEACONSFIELD VILLAGE. we meet at 11:30, behind the hotel (at Gladstone & Queen West) so if you're in town, see you there?

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