Monday, February 02, 2009

snow in Montmartre

the snow is already melting from one of my favourite Paris streets. the domes of Sacre Coeur looked particularly eerie through this morning's snow.

same street, looking the other way across Place Dalida...i keep coming back to this corner & thinking about different ways to work it into a novel. obviously needs some more time to percolate...

good excuse to visit Le Refuge, a few blocks away, with its Art Deco interior & great people-watching perch. the walls are decorated with paintings & photos taken by patrons through all kinds of weather, including a great one of the cafe in an evening snowstorm.


Jennifer K Dick said...

This is a beautiful entry. Wish I had read it early to chat with you about Darwin. Took a group of students to a show on insects a few years back where there was a letter written by Darwin, in his writing, and I made them all stand in awe (at least mine) in front of it thinking about the folding of time, the object from him, his hand, still there with us. I thought, they will go back to the states and their high school biology classes and then, perhaps, they will appreciate this moment of forced reflection on Darwin's letter. In short, I liked your Darwin bday reflections!!!

Jennifer K Dick said...

Oops, uh, my comment is here on the wrong post. I like these photos, but the message was for the other post. I guess I am not evolving fast enough, eh?