Friday, December 12, 2008

what is stephen harper reading...

author Yann Martel has been sending our Prime Minister a book every two weeks, for a year and a half. i knew about the project, but i didn't realize that each book has been accompanied by a letter, describing why Martel thinks Harper might find the book relevant to his current days.

the letters give a very clear picture of how the current Canadian government is undercutting the arts. which i suppose makes it unsurprising that Martel has only received one perfunctory official reply, through this 16-month ongoing project.

to peruse the letters, and perhaps add some books to your holiday reading list, visit Martel's site. or click on the photograph to go to his most recent letter to our leader...

(a small note: as Martel currently lives in Saskatoon, i've put a photograph of that city in winter here, taken by Stu. so, please imagine the books in Martel's list being mailed from here.)

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