Saturday, May 31, 2008

not exactly the Quest

it's spring in Toronto, which clearly makes people a little crazy...if you need proof, head on down to Grange Park to check out the Idiotarod. it's inspired by the Iditerod, the famous sled dog race in Alaska. except here, it's run in May, in the city, with shopping carts for sleds and people instead of dogs. i think it began in NYC (because so many things do), but here it is in Toronto, and since i covered the Yukon Quest & have a certain interest in sled dog races, i'm definitely heading on down to see this year's kick-off. here is some info & some great photos of previous races.

update: despite the rain, the race got off to a running start at Grange Park this afternoon...some minutes after 4pm (which was good for me, because i got there a little bit late). much like a sled dog race, there were some excited participants straining at their leashes...and some more lackadaisical types, dressed as zombies.

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