Saturday, January 12, 2008

Salty Toronto

i hate the salt Toronto loads onto its sidewalks & roads at the slightest hint of frozen precipitation. i hate it, and my dog hates it even more (that's her, there, beside a heater to dry off her feet after i've washed them.) but now Laurie Varga has actually started a petition to try to convince the mayor to tone down the salt quotient on our streets...after all, if gravel & sand works just fine up North--where there are some fine connoisseurs of winter driving conditions--and if Calgary uses gravel & sand, if even Montreal--which gets way more snow than we do--has cut back on salt...WHY DOES TORONTO KEEP DUMPING THE STUFF ONTO THE ROAD? think of what it does to your boots & your car. now think about how it must affect the lawns, the trees, and the lake...because most of the salt you put on your front walkway eventually ends up in the lake. blech. so if you live in this city & you don't want Toronto to be out-classed by Cowtown (of all places)...and if you're tired of washing your dog so its paws aren't turned into smoked herring by the salt...then sign Laurie's petition. here.

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