Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Operation Cafe

this month is a good time to have a coffee in Paris...not only is it the last few weeks of terrasse weather (well, today's perfect, anyway!) but also there's OPERATION CAFE put on by the Action Contre La Faim network. for this whole month, when you order a coffee in participating cafes, 10 cents is donated to helping stop hunger. so you can sip coffee & feel helpful & very lucky, while watching all the Parisian wander by in the hazy October sunlight. and in case you think 10 cents isn't very much, consider that last year, the operation raised about 81 000 euros. the key is to get as many cafes participating as possible...so if you notice that your favourite cafe doesn't have the Action sign, go to the Action Contre La Faim website & get your cafe to sign up for next year.

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