Tuesday, May 22, 2007


last week was Cecilia Woloch's Paris Poetry Workshop--and like the previous years, I was so happy to be part of the team. it's lovely to have an excuse to devote a week to poetry, leading an afternoon workshop is always interesting...and as an added bonus I got to read at a wonderful new bookshop: Berkeley Books, along with Cecilia & Kathleen Spivack (who has done some amazing collaborations with jazz musicians).
the shop has been open for a year or so, but i only just got there, because i've been out of town...so it's new to me. Berkeley Books is on 8 rue Casimir Delavigne, one of the angular little streets between the Odéon Theatre and rue Monsieur le Prince, heading towards the Luxembourg Gardens. great used book selection, and Tex & Phyllis have wonderful recommendations if you can't decide what to get. and i can't think of a better stop en route to picnic in the Gardens: get off the metro, pick up a perfect sandwich on rue de Buci, then stop by here for some poetry books. i can't wait to install myself in front of the Medici Fountain in the Gardens and read all afternoon...

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