Saturday, September 02, 2006

Editeurs de la décoration

Back from the country...where I've been writing about Las Vegas. Slightly surreal to write about casino gambling when all I can see from the window are Charolais cows, munching grass in the greenest pastures this side of Ireland. My only complaint with coming back to Paris is that I've had to give up my wellington boots, because suddenly it's summer weather again & skinny dresses just don't look right with big green rubber boots (call me a slave to fashion). So I took off my boots & headed over to the opening of the Biennale des éditeurs de la décoration at the Carrousel du Louvre (it's on until the 10th, if you're tempted to go). No idea what to expect...but I had an invitation, so I convinced my sidekick to come too, and off we went. Mostly, the Biennale is a trade show--imagine an awful lot of curtain tassels, many many many chandeliers, and some unfortunate facelifts. But, the entrance was spectacular: a black tulle inverted pyramid, suspended from the ceiling of the labyrinthian conference space underneath the Louvre Museum. The pyramid is by theatre set designer Charlotte Villermet; I strolled underneath it to see if there was some hidden Da Vinci Code reference. After that, I spent some time in the Donatus Venetian Fabrics stand, admiring the glam skull art by a nameless Hungarian artist.

I found the press booth, got myself a plastic champagne glass, and my sidekick & I lounged on sofas and chairs by Maurice Renoma (hence, photo!)...good perch for people-watching. Oh, and I had a chance to meet the charming velvet-obsessed Serge Olivares, with his pug Josephine. All in all, quite a change from the country...

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